The Bad Bitch Bible Blog started out as journal entries. These were the things that I had to tell myself to survive. I would write to influence and encourage myself to get through whatever I was battling in my life. These were the things that helped me believe in myself, love myself, and most importantly, keep going. 


With four years of education in psychology focusing on social work and therapy, I knew the steps that were required. I knew the science behind my Bipolar Disorder and my traumas. But putting in action with that knowledge was one of the hardest things I had ever done. It took getting to my lowest point and contemplating suicide to really push myself to take action. I knew that I had two choices. I could give in, stay miserable, and end up killing myself or I could go through it and keep fighting. I could learn how to love myself and let shit go. I could put in the work to find happiness or I could end all the pain right here, right now. I chose to keep going. 


My dreams for this project are to make it easier to make the choice to keep going. I want to normalize self love. I want to normalize pride and confidence. I want to normalize acceptance and normalize discussing mental health, stress, anxiety, suicide, and depression. 


Mostly I want to normalize happiness. Life is too fucking short to not love yourself and love being alive. You can’t control the things that happen in your life but you can control how you handle and react to it. 


The Bad Bitch Bible Blog will give you tips and tricks on how to be the baddest bitch. These things worked for me, a single, bipolar, cat lady in her thirties. If these things helped me go from the very bottom to the very top, maybe they will do the same for you. Because you deserve to feel loved and you deserve to be happy.