Alone Time Vs People Time

As much as we love companionship and friendship, sometimes we just need to be alone. There is an importance in hanging out with yourself and being happy with that. Time alone with yourself is fucking essential.

When we spend time with ourselves and no one else, we get the opportunity to recharge and realign ourselves. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you need to take this time. Some people may need more alone time than others.

I, personally, need to experience a lot of alone time. Especially if I’ve currently been around a lot of people and been very social. I need to take a day or two away from people to recharge. If I go out one night, I usually won’t go out the next night. Some people may just need an hour. Others may need a day.

And while alone time is essential, we need a balance of alone time and social time. If your time is only filled with being alone, your chances of depression increase. Humans are social creatures by nature and when we self isolate for too long, it can have adverse effects. Make sure that if your time alone turns negative, you reach out to someone you can trust to not overwhelm you while you are recharging. For example, reach out to someone that will hold a conversation with you about your interests instead of someone who will burden you with their problems in conversation and/or ask things of you that you aren’t prepared to do yet (hanging out, going out, etc.)

On the other hand, constantly being surrounded by others with no time to yourself can also have adverse effects. Even if you are constantly surrounded by your significant other, it can cause anxiety and stress if you are not able to have time to yourself. And if you are with a partner that cannot understand that sometimes you just need to lay on the couch by yourself and watch shit tv without being bothered for an hour or so, that might be a red flag.

Finding a balance between socializing and alone time is so very important for maintaining a healthy mental state. Your time alone and with other people should never be detrimental to your health.

Comment below with things that you enjoy doing in your alone time! Stay slayin’, bitches!