Bad Person Or Bad For Me?

What is the difference between a bad person and just someone who is bad for you? How can we tell the difference? Is there a difference?

The person that is just a bad person will do things purposefully just to hurt you. A person that is bad for you will just be being themselves and it will hurt you. Someone that is bad for you can be a good person. You need to understand that sometimes there are things you need that aren't being met and that can be bad for you but it doesn't necessarily mean that person is a bad person. Feeling hurt because your needs are not being met is completely normal and human. But it shouldn't be allowed to continue. This is where we set up our boundaries.

If someone is a bad person, you should immediately remove them from your life. It gets a little more grey when it's a good person that is bad for you. Sometimes there may be certain things you can't discuss. Sometimes you might have to remove yourself from the situation completely. Sometimes there can be compromise and sometimes there cannot.

A good person that is bad for you is the person that you love and know that they are inherently good but they can make you feel bad, you can't be honest with them, or things they say hurt you. And you can still love them but separate yourself from them. No one should make you hurt, make you feel like you can't be yourself, or make you feel negatively about yourself.

So, if you notice that you start feeling stressed out or unhappy around people that you love, maybe they are good people that just aren't good for you. And that's okay.