Be Kind to Yourself

Be kind to yourself

I used to have an inner monologue of just negativity. After the new year I’ve decided to change the way I speak to myself. Would I say these things to someone else? Fuck no. I never would. That would be mean. So why do I allow myself to say those things to myself?

Sometimes we determine our own self worth by our mistakes, no matter how small they might be.

I’ve decided to become my own cheerleader. Whenever I catch myself talking negative to myself, I try to turn it positive. Whenever I make a mistake, instead of beating myself up over it, I try to think of ways I could have done that differently and promise myself to do it better in the future.

Making mistakes is how we learn. Nobody is perfect! We all fuck up from time to time. And sometimes the consequences are pretty tough. But that consequence is your punishment for that bad choice. Don’t allow yourself to continue the punishment. Don’t bring yourself down.

When we make mistakes and face the consequences, it’s an opportunity to do better in the future. It’s an opportunity to be better than our mistakes.

Are you one of those people that says the wrong thing and it literally keeps you up at night? Do you say “you too” to your waitress when she said “enjoy your meal” and now you want to not exist? Why do we feel that way? Don’t allow you being human to disrupt your good vibes. Be kind to yourself. Especially in those moments when you are less than perfection.

And in this time in our world, be kind to others. Share the love for your fellow bitches in the comments! Stay healthy.