Be Proud

Treat yourself. You’ve earned it. Be proud to talk about and show off what you’ve worked so hard for. It’s okay to talk about where you’ve come from and where you are now. It’s okay to be proud of your success and hard work. Never let anyone make you feel bad for having accomplished something.

If someone can’t handle hearing about how well you are doing, it’s only because of their own insecurities. It literally has nothing to do with you. You keep doing you. If you feel proud of yourself, that’s all you need. You do not need someone else to be proud of you for you to feel accomplished.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t feel nice. Of course it does. And the ones that are proud of you without you seeking validation from them are the ones that truly have your back and will support you when you need it. Hold those people close. And support them as well.

You do not need to seek validation from others to feel confident and accomplished. The facts are there. If you work hard and you make goals for yourself and you reach those goals, you’ve done great! Achieving your goals, accomplishing things you didn’t think you could do, and feeling proud of yourself are all things that should not be determined by anyone else. Even if it’s something as little as getting up and eating breakfast. If that is something that is difficult for you to do and you did it and you feel pretty good about doing that for yourself, do not let anyone tell you that you could have done more. It may be an easy thing for them to do everyday but they aren’t you. Everyone’s struggles and challenges are different.

So, sure, it feels good for others to praise your accomplishments but you need to praise yourself as well. And if someone doesn’t want to accept that your accomplishments are substantial, it isn’t because they aren’t substantial. It’s that they aren’t substantial to them. And that’s okay. Because they aren’t you.

And no matter how big or small your achievements are, they are yours and you should be proud of yourself for accomplishing them.

Keep slayin’, bitches! You’re doing great!