Be Your Own Cheerleader

When your inner monologue starts on it’s bullshit, change it. Turn that shit around and be your own cheerleader. When you find yourself telling yourself you aren’t good enough, you aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough, be like, “No bitch, you are good enough. You DO deserve this.”

Eventually, when you’ve corrected your thinking enough, it’ll get easier and eventually that will be how you talk to yourself every single time.

Psychologists and therapists use inner voice therapy regularly in helping their clients combat their negative and abusive inner monologue. How we speak to ourselves has a significant effect on our daily lives. While our inner monologue negativity can stem from prior abuse, anxiety, depression, and just overall lack of confidence in ourselves and our own abilities, it isn’t how we have to speak to ourselves for the rest of our life. In fact, learning to speak to ourselves in a more positive, loving, and “cheerleader” way can help resolve our depression, anxiety, and improve our confidence. And if you aren’t at a point where you can truly believe all the positive things you would say to yourself, fake it until you make it. But you better be damn sure that you don’t let that doubt you still have tell you that you’re less than fucking fantastic.

Write down some of the things that you tell yourself in your inner monologue. Reread it. Would you tell your best friend that? If you wouldn’t, then you shouldn’t tell that to yourself either. You need to retrain yourself and retrain your way of thinking.

You’ll realize eventually that you treat others the same way you treat yourself. So, do you treat yourself kindly or are you negative and mean? The first step is becoming self aware of your inner monologue. Start to recognize the signs of your own verbal abuse. Does your inner monologue make you feel worse or better? It should make you feel better.

Tell me in the comments what your inner voice does to help boost you up??? And how do you combat your negative inner voice?