Flaws and Quirks

At what point do we simply dismiss things that we don’t necessarily like about someone and at what point do they become deal breakers? Are quirks in personality okay? At what point do they become flaws in character instead of strange nuances of their personality?

Weighing the pros and cons of a potential partner is kind of essential. It helps you identify the important parts and the parts that you can learn to live with. For example, if a guy knows how to tend to you emotionally but can sometimes be a little lackluster when you’re looking for fireworks, is that okay? Is that something you can deal with or do you need the fireworks?

What if we can’t have our cake and eat it too? Is there compromise in every single relationship? I’d like to think there is. No one is perfect and to constantly be searching out perfection is insanity. Should a potential mate match all of your criteria for a mate? I think they should. But it should also be realistic. Can you really be with a guy that is a little boring if he is attentive to you in every other way?

It ultimately comes down to your happiness. And their happiness. If you aren’t happy, it isn’t worth it. If they aren’t happy with you, it isn’t worth it. Will the things you don’t like about someone cause you to be unhappy or is it something you can learn to live with? Will the things they don’t like about you cause them to be unhappy?

The truth is that everyone is going to have something that pisses you off. So, are they worth it?