Green Flags

I’ve preached in the past about looking for the red flags. Those little actions and opinions about a person that indicates you aren’t compatible. You know, the ones we try to ignore in those first few weeks of dating. And continue to ignore until the ultimate demise of that relationship.

So, let’s talk about the green flags. The little actions and opinions about a person that indicate you are sympatico. Those little moments when they surprise you by how in tune you all seem to be. Yeah. Let’s talk about those.

You’ve been thinking that you need something and your partner gives you exactly what you’ve been needing. That’s a green flag. When your partner asks about your day or listens to you ramble about your day without interrupting and genuinely listens to you. When your feelings are considered. When you laugh more than fight. When you feel secure about yourself around them.

Literally no one has only green flags. We all have our toxic learned behaviors. But sometimes if we are only looking for the red flags, we could miss the green flags.

Don’t dismiss someone on every flaw simply because you are expecting the worst. Learn to be optimistic yet able to handle the worst.

That is strength. And that’s a green flag.

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