Let's Talk About Sex

Let’s face it, sex is great. And everyone has it. Some more than others. Some wait for marriage. Some would rather casually have sex than have a marriage. And honestly, no matter how or how often you choose to have sex is okay. As long as you are being smart with your sexual endeavors, do it however you want to!

As a single woman in my thirties, I know what I want. I’m not interested in random sex with random dudes. I want meaningful sex with a meaningful person to my life. That’s just my perspective and what I, personally, want out of sex. Ten years ago I would have probably said I wanted something different. And that’s okay too.

If having great sex without attachments is what you want, that’s okay too! The thing that you need to understand is that how and when you have sex is only the business of the two (or more) people involved. We’re all adults and can make adult choices. There are only a few instances where sex can no longer be benefiting you.

Stay safe while you are having sex. Use protection if it’s with someone that you aren’t 100% sure of their bill of health. Use birth control until you are ready to make that choice. Don’t fuck anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. And don’t fuck someone because you think it’s what they want.

Sex should be fun and adventurous and make you feel beautiful and satisfied. If you aren’t feeling that way when you are having sex, however you are having sex, then it might be time to self introspect into why you are having sex that particular way. Having sex should never make you feel bad about yourself.

If you want to save sex for marriage or a relationship, that’s okay. If you want to have a fun night with the cute bartender you just met, that’s okay. If you want to keep a few close friends with benefits, that’s okay. If you and your partner want to invite someone sexy into the picture, that’s okay. Having sex is okay!!

There should never be pressure to have or not have sex. That choice alone is yours and should only be yours to have. Have the sex that you want to have. Be safe and be happy.