Let Your Red Flag Fly

Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship, there are red flags waving to alert you that it’s turning sour. Are they no longer interested in hearing about your day? If you weren’t to talk to them first, would you even have a conversation? Do they always put their own needs first? Is there never compromise?

We all try to make excuses for something that we really want. Even when it’s fucking terrible for us. But there are always red flags to tell us when something isn’t good for us. And we need to pay attention to them. Because eventually those red flags turn into i told you so's from our other bad bitch friends that decided to tell us from the start that that shit wasn’t good for us.

So, what am I talking about when I say red flags? It could be something as simple as their lack of ambitions or goals in life. If you are severely goal oriented and you need someone that is going to be supportive of your drive and passion, those are red flags. Because they need to be able to support you.

Other red flags are an inability to let go and move on from things. People that can’t let go of exes or all the times they’ve been wronged in the past can’t move forward. And if they can’t move forward, they are going to hold you back as you try to move forward.

Here are some more red flags:

  1. Someone who doesn’t show interest when you are talking about something you are passionate about.

  2. Someone who is always negative.

  3. Someone who doesn’t initiate a conversation first.

  4. Someone who never asks about you.

  5. Someone who only contacts you when they need something

  6. Someone who doesn’t have their own goals and ambitions

  7. Someone who doesn’t let you get to know them

Now, not all red flags are deal breakers. Some can be fixed and we can start moving forward. But we can’t ignore these. And another red flag is how they react when we bring these up in conversation.

Leave a comment with other things you guys may consider red flags!