Letting Go

Let go of people. Let go of feelings. Let go of places and things. If it no longer serves you, let go. Don’t forget about it. But let it go. Let the control it has over you go. Don’t let yourself not listen to that song that you loved so much just because it reminds you of someone or some time and it hurts you. Let that pain go. YOU are in control of your feelings. YOU are in control of what hurts you and what is just a distant memory. If you keep ripping the scab off every time it itches, it will never heal.

I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to hurt and grieve but you cannot stay in that step of your grief. When you hurt, you need to remind yourself, it’s okay for me to be hurting. But I can’t hurt forever. And I need to allow myself this moment so that I can move forward. And actively work to let go of what we are holding on to.

Grief is simply love with nowhere left to go. You need to find somewhere else to put that love and the most safe spot to put it is within yourself.

When we are hurting, it’s okay to care for yourself a little more than usual. In fact, it’s necessary. Take that love that you can no longer give and give it to yourself.

Finding someone else to love is a bandaid. Self love is stitches.

Letting go is easier said than done but it’s all about mental strength, emotional awareness, and wanting to move forward. Catch yourself falling backwards and correct it. Push yourself forward.

Remember that it’s okay to hurt. Just don’t let it hurt you forever. Remember that it’s okay to never forget but that it’s essential to let go.