Love and Nothing Else

I’m widely renowned as the Crazy Cat Lady. I currently have 4 cats. My oldest (18) was diagnosed at the vet today with liver failure and a tumor was identified on his lung. I know that his time with me is now limited. We spent most of the day today snuggling on the couch watching Netflix.

I caught myself becoming plagued with anxiety about money, this blog, my job, and just an overall lack of feeling productive. There were so many other things I could have been doing than laying on the couch all day watching tv. But then a small furry head bumped into my chin and big yellow eyes looked up at me with nothing but pure, unconditional love.

In that moment, I realized that this is exactly where I needed to be. Nothing else matters right now. Everything else can wait. Because I know that my time by his side is limited and being able to share these close moments means everything in the world to me. This pure love is the only thing that matters in the world to me.

We can get so caught up in what we don’t have or what we want to have that we lose sight of what we do have. What I have is paid bills, a steady income, a loving family, incredible friends that love and support me, and four fluffy embodiments of love that I get to come home to every day.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how successful you are, how many people know your name. It’s all meaningless if there isn’t love. We get so caught up in the grind and striving for the best things possible that we overlook genuine love and compassion. We are too selfish and too busy. We are too jaded or too traumatized to let in the good stuff and to appreciate it. We narrow our scopes to only see what isn't good enough or to only see what we don't have. There is an abundance of love not only within ourselves but with those around us. And feeling it, experiencing it, and never taking it for granted is something we all can do more of.

Don't close your heart. Don't close your mind. Cry from love as much as you cry from the pain of living. Loss and gain are constants in life. And each one is beautiful in it's own right. Life is not guaranteed for a certain amount of time. Love is not guaranteed. So when you have it, cherish it. Stop wondering what else you could have. Enjoy what is here and now. Enjoy these little moments of laying on the couch with someone you love. There's no plan. There's no predetermined future. All we have is right now. And right now someone loves you. Don't wait to appreciate it.