Love Yourself, Because Why The Fuck Wouldn't You Want To?

Back straight. Chest out. Chin high. You're the baddest bitch. Carry yourself like you fucking know it.

Confidence is not only sexy to others, it's good for yourself. Knowing your worth, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and being genuinely happy as you are is a liberating way to live. Be full of yourself. Think that you are hot shit. Because you are. Why would you want to think you are anything less?

We all have things that we don't like about ourselves. It could be our looks, mistakes we've made, goals we haven't accomplished yet. The thing is….this is who we are. I wasted many many years hating not just my looks but the choices I've made and money I've spent on stupid shit. But when it comes down to it, I was so miserable because I was so negative when it came to myself. One day it just finally hit that if I'm all I have, why the fuck would I not want to love myself? I have to spend the rest of my life with myself every single second. Why would I want to hate that time together? Why wouldn't I want to enjoy it and love who I am spending time with? Why wouldn't I want to have the time of my life in my own company? Why wouldn't I want to love myself the way I want someone else to love me?

Be shamelessly full of yourself. Be confident and proud. Dance terribly and make jokes that fall flat. Stumble over your words when you get nervous. Trip on nothing. Spill coffee on the shirt you just put on.

We're human and perfection is overrated. But loving yourself will never be out of style.