My Top 5 Too Faced Products

Too Faced is an amazing company with amazing products. From foundations that last all day to brilliant highlighters and mascara that is truly Better Than Sex. Looking through my makeup bag, there will always be at least one Too Faced product. That being said, let me tell you about my favorites.


The Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter is honestly too fucking beautiful to use. I had seen it at Ulta Beauty and immediately fell in love. My favorite color is the Diamond Fire. It has a rainbow shimmer that looks amazing on any skin type. It also comes in Canary Diamond and Fancy Pink Diamond. This highlighter is made with real crushed diamond powder and leaves a radiant shimmer. It looks so amazing, you’re going to have to resist the urge to highlight your whole face.

The packaging resembles a diamond ring box and honestly, if someone proposed to me with just the Diamond Fire highlighter, I’d say yes. It blends perfectly and makes you feel like the glowing, glittery goddess you fucking are.


Not many things are Better Than Sex but this mascara claims to be. And honestly, it’s kinda up there. This mascara comes only in a stunningly intense black collagen infused formula. The hourglass spooly brush has stiff bristles that do an incredible job of separating and defining each eyelash. People won’t be able to tell that you aren’t wearing falsies.

This mascara is lightweight so adding on a few light layers to really create dramatic and voluminous lashes won’t leave you with clumps or smudges. It isn’t waterproof but this stuff is long wear. I work in a hot kitchen for ten hours a day and this mascara stays in place.

Lip Injection Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is a game changer. Everyone loves a good pout and a good lip gloss. There are several plumping lip glosses out there but this one is the best I’ve tried.

The Lip Injection Plumping Lip Gloss will give you a slight tingling when applied. This is because this formula dilates your blood vessels to give you lips that are up to 40% fuller. The formula is a clear gloss so it can be applied over your favorite shades for a voluptuous, moisturized, and glossy pout.

Be aware with using this product that it will have that slight tingling feeling when applied to any part of the skin. Keep away from the eyes and if you accidentally get it near your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. The tingling doesn’t last for very long but can be very intense.

I use this lip gloss regularly like chapstick. It moisturizes and helps maintain a plump pout with regular use.

Hydrating Serum

The Hangover Good in Bed Hydrating Serum is legendary. This serum helps hydrate even the driest skin.

We’ve all been there. We’ve gone to bed after a night of drinking and forgotten to take off our makeup. We wake up our smudged eye makeup and leftover foundation on the pillow. When we actually do get up and wash our face, it feels like a god damn desert under there. My skin never feels more dry than after I wash all the makeup off my face from last night while hungover in my bathroom.

This serum replenishes the lost vitamins and minerals in your skin that are lost through dehydration and lack of oxygen. You’ll feel like a brand new person with this hydrating serum. It’s a must have for the baddest bitch that likes to turn up.

Eyeshadow Primer

There’s nothing worse than spending an hour perfecting the most incredible blended eyeshadow and going out for the night only to come home and look in the mirror and see that your eyeshadow is basically gone.

The Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer is a must have for any eyeshadow enthusiast. It is crease-proof, fade-proof, and water-proof. It locks down the pigments from the eyeshadow and not only makes the colors pop but keeps them where you want them to be. Never worry about touching up your eyeshadow on a night out with this primer.

I highly recommend all of these products and will only recommend products that I have personally worn. You can purchase all of these products from the Too Faced website, or click any of the affiliate links I’ve provided to purchase them through Amazon for a potentially cheaper price (and faster, free shipping).

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