Self Care

You eat right. You get ample rest. You do hot yoga and go to the gym at least three times a week. You take care of yourself.

But how are you taking care of your soul?

Self-care is essential in maintaining happiness and balance in your life. We’re not talking extravagant spa days. I’m talking about all of the little things that you can do every day to tend to yourself.

Find your bliss.

And be blissful every fucking day. Find something that makes you inexplicably happy and lightens your soul. For me, one of my self care acts is playing music in the shower and dancing. I put on my favourite music and enjoy myself. It is something that I do every day. It fits in my routine. It’s simple and effective. And it makes me inexplicably happy.

When you are choosing your self-care act, try to find a way to reasonably do this act every day. We tend to our bodies daily to keep it healthy. We need to tend to our souls daily to keep it healthy,

When we are tending to our souls and practicing self-care, we are happier. And when we are happier, things just fucking go better. It’s easier to do the things we don’t necessarily want to do. It’s easier to stay out of conflict. It’s easier to enjoy life.

The truth is that you can find a million self-care tips online. You can find lists that tell you what to do and what to avoid. But in reality, you can just do whatever makes you happy. And do it every day. And enjoy the bad ass, intelligent, creative, compassionate, interesting person that you are.