Staying Calm During Crisis

I feel like this might be the most appropriate article to write in these trying times. Most people are out of work or have lost wages due to this crisis. I, personally, am having to pack all my belongings and find another apartment during all of this. And while anxiety and the stress of the unknown can consume us, we need to stay diligent in caring for ourselves and our family.

We all know that feeling when we are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and you can feel it bubbling up to the surface and you swear to god the next person to look at you fucking wrong is gonna catch these hands. Or maybe you know there's a waterfall of tears just behind the calm exterior you are trying to put on. You bitches need to understand that you are ALLOWED to feel this way. You are allowed to be overwhelmed. And you are allowed to feel it and express it. The only reason we let it get so explosive is because we sit there and try to shoo it away. You can't. You have to feel your emotions otherwise they will control you. Even if you have to schedule time out of your day to feel those emotions, you need to do it.

Having Bipolar Disorder myself, it's always been very difficult to process and properly express emotions. I end up feeling them so forcefully and so abruptly that there isn't much time to weigh the pros and cons. So, being the least certified person to tell you how to manage your emotions, I'm just going to tell you what helps someone like me control my anxiety and stress.

Write. Journaling is the most effective way to release emotions. I bought a Chromebook for less than $100 just to write my daily thoughts in. Because when you write in a journal, you can be completely honest and real. There's no judgement, there's no one listening. You are simply writing out all of your emotions and thoughts to yourself and getting all of your thoughts out of your head. Sometimes during my writing I'll realize I might be leaning a little more towards being manic (which always causes some issues) and I'll make a list of pros and cons to make sure the decision I'm thinking about is a good one. Sometimes I write 2 or 3 times a day. And I don't reread it. It's simply to get the thoughts and concerns and stresses out of my head.

I also stop and breathe when I feel myself getting overwhelmed. It sounds so silly and little but if you know you are getting upset, you need to take one minute to stop and clear your head a bit. You need to breathe and realign yourself. If what you are about to get super emotional over is out of your control, then there is nothing you can do. But if it IS in your control, you need to use that energy to find a solution. All it takes sometimes is catching yourself and saying, "No bitch, you aren't going to lay on the couch and feel sorry for yourself. You are going to throw your manic ass into a frenzy in finding a way to get through this."

And the final thing that helps me stay calm in crisis is reaching out to people that care about me. Whether it's a family member, friend, significant other, pet, or even me here in this group (I care about you, bitch), reach out and spread some love. We're all in this together right now and we all need a little extra care during this time. Give yourself the love you need and treat everyone else with the love that they need.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this and when we are able to come together again, bring love and bring compassion. Write in the comments what has helped you stay calm during this crisis!