The Little Things

As bad bitches we want to be collectively bad, right? We want the whole fucking package. This starts with the little things you do. It’s all of the little things compiled together that make you so fucking bad ass. But where do you start?

No one is perfect. No one always has a good day. No one knows exactly what to do in every situation. Everyone fucks up. But if the little things you do that are great outweigh all the little things you do that you could have done better, you’re doing pretty fucking well.

Help people. If you can go out of your way to help someone with no gain at all, you are on your way to being a bad bitch. Whether it’s helping a little old lady cross the street, helping your neighbor work on their car, a kid trying to tie their shoes, donating to a cause, or adopting a shelter pet. When we help people, we feel that love and it makes us feel good. And it’s okay to feel good that you helped someone. Pride, love, and compassion are all positive feelings and you have every right to feel those when you do positive things.

Achieve a goal. Doing what you’ve set out to do, no matter how small, is a stunning sense of accomplishment. Every day I make myself a daily goal list. I try to accomplish everything on that list but even if I don’t get to everything, I’ve done some of them that day and that’s better than nothing. Smaller goals lead to bigger goals.

Take care of yourself. When we tend to ourselves, we can better tend to others. Self care is never selfish. If you need sleep, it’s okay to take a nap when you get home instead of doing laundry or the dishes. You’ll be able to do those when you wake up. You can’t stress yourself out over little things because you choose to take care of yourself first. I promise you, if you practice self care you will be more successful.

Have a conversation. Sometimes it’s easy to isolate ourselves when we aren’t feeling that great. But we need to be open and honest about our feelings. Communicate with those that are accepting of your emotions. If you are regularly communicating with those that love you, you will find it’ll be easier to talk to them about the serious things when you need to. And it’s okay to ask them about their day too. Give and take. Just speak with love to those you love as often as you can.

There are so many other little positive things you can do throughout the day that will help you be a better bitch. Do all things with love and compassion, for yourself and for others. And remember that you’re human and if you fuck up, it’s just an opportunity to be better tomorrow.