The Sound Of Silence

When is the correct time to speak up and when should we just shut the fuck up? Should we never be silenced or are there times when we should just shut our mouth? Is the struggle of speaking up worth it? Or would we get more ahead by simply staying quiet when we think we can't win? How do we determine when to stop talking and when to start?

In fields predominately run by men, it is sometimes difficult to be heard as a woman. Especially when it has to do with another male. And often times, when we speak up, we now suddenly become the target. Is it because we are expected to just comply? Is it because we are expected to be cooperative and passive? Why is a woman speaking up on things that need change still more likely to make her seem like a "bitch" rather than a leader?

Even though I consider myself a feminist, I still find myself ignoring certain things and allowing things to be said or to be done to me just to keep the peace. So, when should we speak up? When is it worth it?

If we stop speaking up because it makes things more difficult for us, we are enabling the societal thought that women need to remain polite and composed. While men can say inappropriate things and gain promotions, women can't even speak out about unfair treatment, harassment, or simply have confidence in their abilities without someone labeling their behavior as being a stuck up bitch. When we talk with the confidence of a man, we are viewed with less respect.

If we continue to stay quiet, we will not progress. We do not need to change the minds of those who refuse to change. But we do need to never be silenced. We need to continue to speak up against our injustices. We need to continue to exude confidence and speak with certainty and hold ourselves accountable not only for our faults but for our successes. We should be able to speak loudly about what ignites us and we should be respected for speaking with passion instead of tore down for our volume.

Never be silenced. There will be struggle before there is peace. But there will never be change if we don't make a little noise.