What We Can't Control

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had something happen in our lives that was out of our control that completely wrecked us. It happens and we are sitting here wondering, “Why? What did I do to deserve this? Why would this happen to me? How could this happen? How am I ever going to recover from this?” It can be pretty devastating to have something happen to us that is out of our control. Whether it’s losing our career, our home, our relationships, feeling loss and pain for things that we cannot control can destroy us.

So how do we cope? How do we allow ourselves to grieve without becoming depressed? How do you continue with our lives like normal when we feel ourselves falling apart?

Everyone has felt changes in their lives with Covid-19 and most of it has not been for the better. Our lives changed drastically when Covid-19 made its appearance in the world. Businesses were closed. People were out of work for weeks. And it was all out of our control.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the positive things when we are overwhelmed, stressed, and scared. But we need to understand that those feelings are energy and energy is powerful. We get overwhelmed because we are looking at everything as a whole. We get stressed because we try to fix everything at the same time. And we feel scared because we feel like we have to fix everything at the same time and we don’t know if we can do it and we wonder what will happen if we don’t.

Write a list. Acknowledge what is out of your control and let it go. Don’t spend your energy on things that you can’t fix. Acknowledge what is within your control. Focus on one or two things at a time. Build a plan of action. Focus your energy into one thing that you can fix instead of focusing your energy on every single thing, whether it can be fixed or not.

You’ve accomplished so many fantastic things in your life so far. Do not let something that is out of your control to stifle your determination, passion, and drive. Because that is part of life. And it will not be the last thing to happen that you are not in control of. Allow yourself to grieve. Allow yourself to feel the normal human reactions of sadness but do not allow yourself to spiral.